Kodama no Ki and Tokuno Wind Total War are proud to join together to host Kodama no Ki Ninja Event!

Starting on April the 1st a wave of raged ninja will take possession of an area in Kodama no Ki land, close to a haunted house, infested by Karakasa ghosts.
They are led by some terrible Kodama Ninjas. Our aim is to defeat these Kodama Ninjas so many times to force them to leave the land free.

The fighter who, on April 15th, will have defeated more Kodama Ninjas than any other will be crowned “Kodama Ninja Slayer” and will be rewarded with the special, limited edition, Total War Kodama Katana!

A special ranking will be set up on Tokuno Wind Website  

Everyone is free to take part, no subscription is needed. Just wear your Total War and your favourite sword and have fun helping us to get rid of those terrible Ninjas and have a look in the house too!

Kodama Ninja Headquarter

Tokuno Wind Total War staff
Kodama no Ki staff

RED ALERT! RED ALERT! A galactic transmission has been intercepted, a cybernetic voice constanly repeats:  

“We are the Borg.

You will be assimilated.

Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own.

Resistance is futile.”

They are here, they are already among us trying to assimilate Total War lands.Check the War Map, take your weapons (swords, phasers, fire guns, lightsaber..) and face them, we will resist and win!

If you want a Total War Borg Spawner for your land visit our Tokuno Tech Store or check SL Marketplace.

Total War Borg Spawner

Total War Borg Spawner


One of Five

Two of Five


Akatsuki Ninja Clan

It’s with our greatest pleasure that we want to welcome today the new clan of Akatsuki Ninja.

They have their headquarter in The Pleiades region, are brave, strong and bloody fighters!

Who will dare to challenge them?

Akatsuki Clan Shrine


Sethos - One of Akatsuki Clan members

Dream Catcher Clan

Today I want to give my warmest welcome to the new clan of Dream Catcher!

Many of us already know its clan leader, she comes from somewhere at east, she is deadly blond, formerly used to bring glory and honour to the Tokuno Wind clan, always been present at any event, tournament or battle, and always ready to fight!

Yes, I am talking about Mirage who from now on, as a ‘Sapphire Dragon’, will lead the chinese clan of Dream Catcher.

As members of Tokuno Wind clan we will miss for sure such a brave fighter but as friend we all wish Dream Catcher Clan pride, glory and honour!

Dream Catcher banner


Dream Catcher Shrine with its Clan Leader

Happy New Year Everyone!
To start good the 2011 we renewed our land in Rieul in a nice medieval style and make it become not only a Store but also the Meeting Point for every Total War player, new and old, where to meet and find new people to play with… or against!
We are waiting for you!

Total War Meeting Point


Are you scared by insects? Are you arachnophobic? The better way to get rid of these fears is to face them!

So check the WarMap and kill those GiantBugs, it will make you feel really good!

If you want a GiantBugs Nest for your Land come to Total War Shop or visit our on-line shop on SL Marketplace

Total War Giantbugs Nest


Aracnid - Poison Spitter


Giant Scrabble - Giant Spider

They usually come out in the nights of full moon, they have superhuman strength and senses, and silver weapons are their greatest fear. But soon they will also fear Total War Hunters! Werewolves are out! Check the Warmap or if you want a Werewolves Lair in your Land come to Total War Shop or see our online store on SL Marketplace.

Total War Werewolves Lair Spawner


Pack Sentinel - Alpha Wolf


Pack Guard - Lycanthrope

Hey everybody! Did you have a good Christmas?

Now you know who to thank for this: Darkjessica Blackmountain and Mirage Felicci defeated the nasty and evil Grinch 20 times each so now we have not one but two great Christmas Heroes, or better to say, Heroines!

They both will be rewarded with a Special Card, 50 points, the title of  “Christmas Hero” and the wonderful Total War Winter Katana, and everybody’s gratitude for putting all their skills, strength and ability in order to let the world have Christmas!

We also would like to thank all the brave fighters who hunted the Grinch and contribute to defeat him!

Holiday greetings to everyone on behalf of the whole Total War Staff!

Hey, they are green, nasty, ugly, and stupid but from today on you will have a reason more to go and kill Orcs: they can give quests!

Now you can be charged with a quest by killing Ninja, Undeads and Orcs, so kill those silly beasts, check your HUD and don’t forget your TW Shovel, you can gain TW Points, TW Cards and also L$!

Winter Katana

Are you trying to save Christmas? Are you one of those brave fighters that is hunting that nasty little creature who wants to steal Christmas?

As we said before the person who will defeat the Grinch more times than the others will be Christmas Hero and be rewarded with the Winter Katana, but what is a Winter Katana?

It is a special, limited edition Total War Katana with all the fantastic features of all the other Total War Swords but with a very special bonus: it gives the 5% possibilities to stun the opponent! No way to buy it, you can only win it!

So go on hunting that terrible little thief, save Christmas and deserve your reward!

Total War Winter Katana

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